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Grant Applications: Process, Forms & Schedule

Early Childhood Grants:

All Grant Applications must be initiated and sponsored by a member of The Oscar & Elsa Mayer Family Foundation. The sponsoring member obtains this Grant Application Form and the attachments that accompany it from the Foundation office, simultaneously notifying the office of the potential grantee. Forms: • 2015 Grant Proposal Form • 2015 Outputs/Outcomes Summary Schedule • 2015 Financial Input Summary Form • 2015 Proposal Budget Form • 2015 Reviewer’s Scoresheet

Alternative Investment Grants:

• Grant Application Process Letter (currently in development) AIF review form

The Meeting & Grant Application Schedule:

• 2015 Schedule2015 Grant Process Sequence & Schedule

• 2014 Schedule

2014 Grant Process Sequence & Schedule014 Grant Process Sequence & Schedule

Organizations Funded: Past Three Years

Note:  This tab contains a summary of the proposals funded over the past three years.  For more in-depth analysis of proposals, please refer tab on the Members Area page entitled:  “Archived Proposals:  Past Five Years”.

Early Childhood:

• 2014

 2014 ECI Grants Funded

• 2013

 2013 ECI Grants Funded

• 2012


Alternative Investments:

• 2014

2014 AIF Grants Funded

• 2013

2013 AIF Grants Funded

Financial Reports: Current and Past Year

2015 Financial Information

Ongoing Asset Allocation

2014 Year End Financial Data

2014 Financial Information




Newsletters: Current & Past Three Years


February-2015 Newsletter






Accountability Reports: Past Three Years


 February, 2015

CHOP-Women w/Post Partum Depression ReportPNC Accountability ReportChildren’s Hospital of Wisconsin Final ReportIDEX Final Accountability Report



August 1, 2014

Montessori School of EnglewoodUniversity of ChicagoSocial Venture PartnersOunce of Prevention Metropolitan Family Services Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Children’s Institute Children’s Alliance

March, 2014

Friendly House CHOW – Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Children First For Oregon Homeless Prenatal Program Invest in Kids Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Providence-St. Mel School Wisconsin Council on Children & Families Montessori School of Englewood Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Metropolitan Family Service Ounce


August 1, 2013

Metropolitan_Family_Service_Final_Report_2nd_year_funding Wisconsin Council on Children Families Yun Interim

March 15, 2013

Children’s Service Society Providence-St. Mel Savannah Early Childhood Children’s Institute Children’s Alliance Metropolitan Family Service University of Chicago, Ounce-Final Direct Service


July 31, 2012

Providence-St. Mel Savannah Early Childhood Foundation Metropolitan Family Services Ounce Advocacy Ounce Direct Service United Way of Dane County

March 15, 2012

Children First For Oregon Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Children’s Institute Children’s Relief Nursery Fight Crime Invest in Kids Memorial Health Foundation Invest in Kids Children’s Service Society Metropolitan Family Services Ounce of Prevention Children’s Alliance

July 31, 2011

Children First for Oregon Children’s Alliance Children’s Institute Interim Report Children’s Relief Nursery CHOP CSSW Fight Crime-Invest In Kids Invest In Kids Lucille Packard Hospital Memorial Health Ounce of Prevention University of Chicago

Final Reports — March 15, 2011

Metropolitan Family Service Memorial Health Children First For Oregon Children’s Hospital Children’s Relief Nursery Children’s Service Society Family Connections Fight Crime Invest in Kids Homeless Prenatal Program Ounce of Prevention Partners in Health Providence-St._Mel Part_1 Providence-St. Mel Part_2

Interim Reports — July 31, 2010

Children’s Relief Nursery Children’s Service Society CHOP Neonatal Jan-June 2010 CHO Neontal July2010 Family Connections Fight Crime Generation Rescue Homeless Prenatal Memorial Health Metropolitan Family Services Ounce of Prevention Partners In Health Providence-St. Me. Stanford University of Chicago

Archived Proposals: Past Five Years

2014 AIF Proposals

Cedar CHOP Addressing Food Insecurities CHOP Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Enterprise Community Partners IDEX Longmont Restorative Justice Program Lyme Disease Research Foundation Website_ Woodruff Arts Center

2014 ECI Proposals

Council for a Strong America Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Friendly House Inc Savannah Early Childhood Foundation Social Venture Partners UW School of Human Ecology Yale University

 2013 AIF Proposals

CHOP Enterprise Community Partners IDEX Proposal Lymelight Foundation PNC Proposal

2013 ECI Proposals

Children’s Alliance CHOP Optimizing School Readiness CHOP Social Media Intervention Program Children’s InstituteColorado Coalition for the HomelessDickinson-Iron Intermediate School District Montessori School of Englewood OMFFV Proposal Budget Oregon Community Foundation Ounce of Prevention Savannah Early Childhood Foundation United Way of Dane County UC Davis University of Chicago Young Audiences, Woodruff Art Center

2012 Proposals

2012 Proposal Summaries CFFO Proposal Info CHOP Proposal CHOW Proposal FIKS Proposal Friendly House Inc Proposal Info HPP Proposal Invest In Kids Proposal Info Mayer Family Foundation RFP Response Form Optimizing School Readiness Proposal OZOP Proposal Info SMART Proposal Info United Way of Dane County WCCF Proposal Info

2011 Proposals

HPP Proposal Info HPP Proposal Summary Hull House Proposal JAHH Proposal Info JAHH Proposal Summary Metropolitan Family Services Proposal Metropolitan Family Services Summary Morrison Child & Family Services Proposal Info Morrison Child & Family Services Summary Ounce-Advocacy Proposal Ounce-Direct Service Proposal OZOP Advocacy Proposal Summary OZOP Proposal Summary Providence-St. Mel Proposal PSM Proposal Info (1) PSM Proposal Info (2) PSM Proposal Info PSM Proposal Summary SECF Proposal Info SECF Proposal Summary UWDC Proposal Info United Way Dane County Yale Proposal Summary YCSC Proposal

 2011 Proposals – proposals only

HPP Proposal w/o MCFS Proposal w/o backup MFS Proposal w/o backup Ounce Advocacy Proposal Ounce Direct Service Proposal PSM Proposal SECF Proposal w/o backup Hull House Proposal UWDC Proposal w/o backup YCSC Proposal w/o backup


Children First For Oregon Children’s Alliance Children’s Institute Children’s Service Society of WI Invest in Kids Ounce of Prevention Fund


Children First for Oregon Proposal Children’s Service Society of WI Proposal Generation Rescue Proposal Homeless Prenatal Proposal Lucille Packard Proposal Metropolitan Family Service Proposal Morrison Child Family Service Proposal Ounce of Prevention Proposal Partners in Health Proposal Providence-St. Mel Proposal Salvation Army Proposal


Children’s Alliance Children’s Relief Nursery Proposal CHOP Fight Crime Proposal Invest in Kids Memorial Health Proposal Ounce of Prevention Ready 4K Proposal Wisconsin Council Families Children

Matching Gifts: Program & Forms


$25 dollar minimum Gift 3rd Generation:

  • $10,000 match ($3,000 of which can be service match)
  • $25,000 personal designation for life

4th Generation:

  • $10,000 match ($3,000 of which can be service match)

16 years of age and over:

  • $1,000 designation ($2,500 designation if a board member); $1,000 match (dollars or service hours)

5 to 16 years of age:

  • $500 service match – of which $100 can be used for a designation


2015 Personal Designation FormMatching Gift Forms

2015 Service Hours Matching Form


Expense Reports: Program & Form

Officers and Directors of the Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation do not receive compensation for their services as officers or directors. They are, however, entitled to reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in attending the annual meeting or in carrying out other duties as officers and directors. Other direct descendants of the founders age 16 and over are Members of the Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation and are also entitled to reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred in attending the annual meeting in an amount not to exceed $1,000 (with possible changes depending on the expected cost of a particular meeting location). Expenses for spouses are not reimbursed. The specifics of the policy are summarized as follows:


Meeting and Travel Expenses


Use of a personal car will be reimbursed at the maximum rate authorized by the IRS (56.5 cents per mile as of 1/1/13). Tolls and parking will also be reimbursed. Domestic coach air travel will be reimbursed. Use of an alternate means of transportation (e.g., auto) will be reimbursed in an amount not to exceed the equivalent coach air fare. Reasonable ground transportation (taxi, rental car, etc.) will be reimbursed.


Lodging in a standard hotel room will be reimbursed if the meeting schedule and travel connections require an overnight stay. Reimbursable expenses include the room charge, tax, tips and any mandatory fees. Fees for services such as movies or health clubs are considered personal expenses. Laundry or dry cleaning charges are considered personal expenses, unless an extended stay is required. If a lower air fare is obtained by staying over for an extra night, the additional lodging will be reimbursed in an amount not to exceed the air fare saved. Lodging in a hotel other than the meeting location will be reimbursed up to the cost of a room at the negotiated group rate.


Reasonable meal expenses will be reimbursed while traveling or during the time frame of a meeting (e.g., dinner the night before an out-of-town morning meeting).

Other Expenses

The actual cost of meeting arrangements (meeting room, refreshments, shipping of materials, etc.) will be reimbursed. A Board member may incur other out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., mileage or telephone charges) while carrying out his or her responsibilities. These are reimbursable if approved by the President.


Receipts must be provided for any expense in excess of $25. For smaller amounts, documentation should be provided if possible.

Expense Reimbursement Form

Claim for Reimbursement


Site Visits: Process & Form

Site Visits are encouraged to help members understand the programs and methods and more effectively support organizations being nominated for grant consideration.

Site Visit Form

Site Visit Form

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